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At Young Engineers we believe in engaging our students’ education processes while developing their ability to learn. We understand that every child has a different technique for learning and retaining information, yet we have found that making learning fun is the lowest common denominator for successful education. We have meticulously generated hands-on curricula, which combine education and entertainment, creating our unique “edutainment” method.


At Young Engineers, our initiative has always been to establish an original and unparalleled approach to educating the engineers and scientists of tomorrow. We do this by creating engaging educational experiences they can enjoy early on. Our various programs’ curricula provide students with the opportunity to overcome the challenges of the engineering and the scientific workforce and, as a result, they feel more confident and knowledgeable because this environment will help them develop the necessary skill sets.

Young Engineers has implemented two teaching techniques in creating our edutainment method: The Spiral Learning and the PBL methods.


The Spiral Learning method

Our instructors teach the principles and terms of a given lesson on a basic level. We do this through simple demonstrations and stories. The next step of the spiral learning method is introducing these principles in new contexts and in greater depth and detail with each step.

Our Spiral Learning technique can be found in every single Young Engineers lesson, as well as in the curricula of each program. Beginning with basic building skills, engineering terms, sophisticated models, software programming, we continually working to advance these lessons and skills.


Spiral Learning is in our core value system for how we educate. Each enrichment
programs’ curriculum always builds upon the lessons of the one before.

Problems, Products, and Projects:

PBL relates to three different learning methods Young Engineers utilizes in each of our programs

  • Problem Based Learning: After the construction of a model, our Young Engineers instructors will ask the student to enhance their model in order to solve a given problem demonstrated in that lesson. 

  • Product Based Learning: Students build a product that demonstrates the scientific principles taught in that lesson.

  • Project Based Learning: Through planning and executing a project from start to finish, students develop their team-building and presentation skills. In addition, they will improve their organizational and time management abilities.



Customer Reviews

So far we’ve gone on and on and on about how wonderful our programs are…now we invite you to see what parents have to say about our programs.

”Our son just completed Lego Challenge offered through Waterford MI Parks and Rec. He LOVED IT! as did all of the other children and parents, plus the kids that came on “bring a Friend Day”…. Please consider starting new sessions asap—we would be glad to participate again. My son reads below his level and has dyslexia—he dreams of being an engineer and your class made him feel confident and that his dream is achievable!”

-Kathleen A

"My child loves the program and is continuing! He has done ice skating, basketball, and a short chess class and this is by far the best yet. It is inspiring him to build more involved creations with his thousands of Legos at home. Keep up the awesome work and we will be signing up for the next session when it starts!”

-Julie T

“Both of my children (Trudy and Evrett) loved the class!”

-Merrily G


“I love these classes”

-Lainie A


“Jackson absolutely loves this class. Thank you so much for doing this in our area!”

-Jennifer S


“…Sammy loves it and would continue with it when offered…”

-Mark F


“Darrin loved the class and is looking forward to the next one…”

-Katie S

2024 Update

LOCAL / IN-PERSON SUMMER CAMPS and After-School Programs:

  • Registrations for Summer camps (Daniel Bagley Elementary School and Hamilton International Middle School) and After School Enrichment Programs (at designated schools) will operate as usual. We continue to monitor CDC and local Public Health guidelines and will notify registered families should we have to cancel these camps.


Our team offers support to any organization/Parent Pods interested in setting up an Online Learning Program for their learning community.



2022 Update
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