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Target Audience: ages 6-11
Number of kids participating in the activity 8-12
Activity duration 90 minutes

E² Birthday is an experiential, fun and educational activity for children. The children experience and have fun building with Lego throughout the activity. This building activity provides the children with a small taste of the world of Lego and enables them to develop and think creatively as they create the things that they have imagined. In addition, the children work in groups during the activity, practicing cooperation and team work.


Choose from Two Birthday Themes:

Bricks Treasure Birthday is a game platform with an engrossing and thrilling story in which the children have to save the treasure chest snatched from the Kingdom of Lego by a Lego-loving dragon. In this activity, the children carry out challenges and tasks in order to defeat the dragon and win the Lego and the treasure chest. In this activity, the children work in groups throughout and experience creative building based on their imagination and in accordance with guidelines as well as fun and creative problem solving.

Happy Bricks birthday is a E² Birthday activity with two main parts. The first part is the part of building a motorized Lego model chosen by the child from the following lego worlds: Fun World, Sweet World, Race Car World, and the World of Crazy Tops.

In each of these worlds, the children experience a challenging and educational building experience, after which can play with the models, and improve them as they see fit.

Afterwards the children play at carrying out birthday tasks on their own or in groups.
In both activities, the children learn about connecting techniques and common and important Lego pieces that they can use during the activity and to help them solve riddles.

For you, the E² Birthday activity provides a unique birthday that is both different and challenging, while for the children it is a wonderful experience.

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