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Camp Experiences

Schools may be out for the summer, but learning doesn’t have to stop

Full day camps for incoming

1-6 grade students.

Duration: 9am-4pm

Cost: $550/week

Extended Care: $75/week (4pm - 5pm)

2024 Registrations start 

SATURDAY, February 3, 2024 (9 AM)

Locations and Schedule

Daniel Bagley

Elementary School

7821 Stone Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Lego Engineering Camp (FULL-DAY)

Grades 1-6

  • Week 1: July 8-12 - Science Camp

  • Week 2: July 15-19 - Candyland Camp

  • Week 3: July 22-26 - Architecture Camp

  • Week 4: July 29-Aug 2 - Superhero Camp

  • Week 5: Aug 5-9 - Famous Scientist Camp

  • Week 6: Aug 12-16 - Architecture Camp

  • Week 7: Aug 19-23 - Superhero Camp

1610 N 41st St, Seattle, WA 98103

Lego Engineering Camp (FULL-DAY)

Grades 1-6

  • Week 1: July 8-12 - Superhero Camp

  • Week 2: July 15-19 - Architecture Camp

  • Week 3: July 22-26 - Famous Scientist Camp

  • Week 4: July 29-Aug 2 - Science Camp

  • Week 5: Aug 5-9 - Candyland Camp

  • Week 6: Aug 12-16 - Superhero Camp

  • Week 7: Aug 19-23 - Famous Scientist Camp

Hamilton Intl. Middle School

Camp Information


Young Engineers - Camps program is opening its doors to anyone who loves to experience, to experiment, but especially to enjoy Lego construction, an experiential and challenging learning, with games and scientific experiments that visualize natural phenomena and the forces acting around them.

Each 5-day camp session introduces kids to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and builds skills for youth through high-energy challenges, building, and design opportunities, and concept exploration. STEM summer camps explore science, technology, engineering and math in enticing applications like robotics and computer programming. STEAM camps add ART


  • We will start our day with a meditative exercise and circle time.

  • We will focus on one S.E.L. (Social-Emotional Learning) topic each week and have an activity around it. eg. Gratitude, Growth Mindset, Empathy, Kindness.

  • There will be one mechanical engineering topic taught daily followed by a motorized Lego build. Over the course of the week, students in higher grades (4 and above) will be building 7-8 models each week.

  • Students will have one Art/Craft based activity daily.

  • We will plan one walking field trip to either Woodland Zoo Park and end our week on Friday with a kid friendly short movie.

  • Kids will be split in two groups (easier builds for younger aged students and challenging ones for students in higher grades).

We are Offering 5 Distinct Weekly Themes






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Candyland Camp

In this Camp, children will learn where food comes from, which options are healthier, and what makes things taste good.  

Over the week other than building LEGO models, we will use different recipes to make candy which is a fascinating and precise science.  When you’re making candy, whether you know it or not, you are a chemist—transforming matter from one state to another! 

Lego Architecture Camp

This week we will be discussing about some of the famous architecture buildings in the world. We will learn about one unique architecture each day and build a model using LEGO, paper, cardboard, spaghetti, marshmallows etc. and boost creativity and problem solving skills in each activity during the week. The focus is to help students understand the “Engineering Design Process” while learning about the architecture and the uniqueness of different structures.

Lego Science Camp

During this week, children will learn the laws and concepts of the world of science, math and engineering, through a combination of learning and challenging construction experience combined with some fun experiments. Students will be building about 7-8 technic LEGO models during this week learning different mechanical engineering principles.

Famous Scientists

Kids will learn about five different scientists and their contributions to the world!! Lego models will be based on the scientific principles by the scientists of the day. Come learn about Sir Isaac Newton, Archimedes, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Di Vinci...In the afternoons, we will do focus on some character building activities related  "Compassion" (Empathy + Action = Compassion)

Candy Land
Mad Science
Lego Architecture
Famous Scientist

Super Hero Camp

Have you ever wished that you could be a hero? Join us for this super-fun camp all about Superheroes! Boost confidence and explore your imagination while entering the world of superheroes and learning valuable science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. Engineering principles will be taught daily, and kids will build multiple LEGO® technic models during the week.
We will have daily projects & missions focusing on a superhero providing hands-on experience to build, design & create as they navigate their way through them. 

S.E.L topic of the week: Growth mindset!
Students will learn about superhero powers and identify their own power of leadership, change & growth mindset!!

Super Hero Camp
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