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Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Young Engineers believes in education through play.


Our Big Builders unique enrichment program introduces pre-school aged children to scientific concepts through hands-on experiential learning. We hope that establishing this connection between knowledge and fun at such a young age will set our participants up for a lifetime of learning and creating.


Our Big Builders will construct 3D models using flexible parts. Students will receive kits complete with building tools and parts exclusively made by Young Engineers for our Big Builders program. These activities will gradually challenge participants, in order to advance their fine and gross motor skills.


This enrichment program will expose our builders to engineering terminology. In addition, students will be familiarized with simple concepts such as the animal kingdom, scientific principles and their everyday surroundings. Through their play with co-builders, our young scholars will advance their interpersonal communication and will gain confidence about his/her own ability to discover and invent.


Big Builder Program objectives

  • Broaden horizons and acquire extensive general knowledge about the world.

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills.

  • Develop interpersonal communication skills.

  • Develop spatial cognition.

  • Improve expression capabilities.

  • Develop skills for cooperative work and playing in groups.

  • Increase knowledge about the world and environment

  • Enhance sense of community and feelings of belonging

  • Encourage independent and creative thinking

  • Develop a sense of self-efficacy and problem solving capabilities

  • Boost team building, cooperation and group play skills



  • Basic Construction and Mathematical Terms: Shapes, etymology, polygons, parts of a whole, moveable vs. rigid.

  • Learning Abstract Terms: Imagination, friendship, belonging.

  • Learning Natural Processes: Camouflage, migration, pollination, biological pest control, cycle of life.

  • Physical Terms and Forces: Centrifugal force, gravity, torque, fulcrum, stability, friction, momentum, mechanical energy, balance, compaction, drive.


Big Builder model themes:

  • Basic geometric shapes

  • Animals

  • Solar system

  • Amusement park rides

  • Transportation

  • Aircrafts

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